This service is for non-emergency queries only.
  • call 999 for emergency medical help.
  • In England call 111 for urgent medical advice.
  • In Scotland go to for urgent medical advice.
  • In Isle of Man call MEDS direct on +44 1624 650355 for urgent medical advice.
  1. A medication request

    Please request repeat medications using patient access or the NHS appl...

  2. Access to online records

    For patients to complete to get access to their records

  3. Admin including medical reports & letters

    Request a GP letter, medical examination or report, or ask a general q...

  4. Cancel appointment

    Inform the reception team you can no longer attend your appointment

  5. COPD Symptom review : Assessment Test (CAT) and MRC score

    Questionnaire used to assess COPD symptoms

  1. Fit (sick) notes

    Request a fit (sick) note, view guidance or print self-certification f...

  2. Learning Disabilities

    This is a form to gather information for a learning disabilities revie...

  3. Long Covid response

    If you have been sent a text or letter asking about ongoing Coronaviru...

  4. Patient feedback

    Help us to improve the service we provide by giving us feedback

  5. Postnatal assessment

    To fill out prior to postnatal review

  1. Protected characteristics

    Please help us better understand our patient population

  2. Request a letter

    We have made the difficult decision to CHARGE £10 per letter due to de...

  3. Social Prescribing - Be Well

    How you feel can depend on what is going on in your life. Social Presc...

  4. Stop smoking support

    Find out about the benefits of stopping smoking and how you can access...

  5. Update mobile number

    For patients to update their mobile number