1. 2nd Dose Covid Vaccine request

    Contact us to check when you are due/ enquire about your 2nd vaccine.

  2. A medication request form

    A general medication request form

  3. Admin including medical reports & letters

    Request a GP letter, medical examination or report, or ask a general query.

  4. Alcohol

    Find out about sensible drinking, the risks of drinking to excess and services...

  5. Athlete's foot

    Get advice or contact your practice about itchy toes or a related query.

  6. Becoming an organ donor

    Find out how to register as an organ donor - donors save lives!

  7. Childhood immunisations

    Find out all about NHS vaccinations for children or contact your practice...

  8. Contraceptive pill repeat prescription

    Contact your practice to request a repeat issue of your oral contraceptive...

  9. Coronavirus Test Request

    How and when to access a Covid 19 test in Bolton?

  10. Covid 19 Vaccine Appointment Request-FIRST DOSE ONLY

    The Oaks were the first vaccine site to go live from Tonge Moor HC with...

  1. Covid Booster Vaccine

  2. Facebook Page Link

    Info about how to access the practice Facebook page for news and updates!

  3. Fit (sick) notes

    Request a fit (sick) note, view guidance or print self-certification for...

  4. Head Lice and Nits

    Get advice or contact your practice about head lice and nits or a related...

  5. Insect bites and stings

    Get advice or contact your practice about insect bites or stings or a related...

  6. Long Covid

    Are you still suffering more than 12 weeks after covid? Fatigue, breathless,...

  7. Long-term conditions review

    Complete one of these forms if you have a long-term condition affecting...

  8. Malaria prevention

    Get advice or contact your practice about malaria prevention/antimalarial...

  9. Medicine Use Review

    If your practice has asked you to carry out a check of your medicines,...

  10. Nasal Flu Spray for 2-3 year olds

    Get in touch to book!

  1. NHS Digital Data Opt Out Type 1

    'I request a type 1opt out form data extraction'

  2. Online health advice

    Get access to information on a wide range of symptoms and conditions, all...

  3. Patient feedback

    Help us to improve the service we provide by giving us feedback

  4. Recreational drugs

    Information on recreational drugs and how to seek help if you are concerned

  5. Stop smoking support

    Find out about the benefits of stopping smoking and how you can access...

  6. Test results request

    Use this form to request the results of test you have had at your practice

  7. Travel health information (seek advice at least 2 months before travel)

    Find out information on immunisations and other preparations and precautions...

  8. Update Your Mobile Number

    Updating your mobile number allows us to contact you, text you and send...

  9. Weight loss, diet and exercise

    Calculate your ideal weight using our BMI (body mass index) calculator,...