Rash in children

Need help with your child's rash, including impetigo, virus infections and ringworm, or have a related query? Get in touch here.

Information about rashes

Find out more about causes of rashes

What's causing my child's rash? (video)

Find out about the possible causes of rashes in children and what you should...

Information about rashes caused by virus infections

Spot the signs of measles, scarlet fever, chicken pox, rosacea, hand, foot...

Information about nappy rash

Find out more about nappy rash and how to treat it from Patient.info.

Information about measles

Find out how to diagnose measles and what to do about it with our leaflet.

Could it be measles? (video)

How to recognise measles and what to do about it.

Information about chickenpox

Find out how to recognise and treat chickenpox

Contact your doctor about your child's rash
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