Cough or colds and flu in adults and children over 5 years

Get advice or contact your practice about coughs, colds, chest infection and sore throat.

Information about Coughs and colds

Information about coughs and colds from website

Information about influenza

Everything you need to know about the symptoms of flu and how to treat...

Do I need antibiotics?

Find out when antibiotics are needed to treat infections and when they...

Will antibiotics cure my sore throat? (video)

Find out when antibiotics are needed and when they won't help at all.

Information on sore throats

How you can relieve sore throat symptoms and when you need to see a doctor.

All about laryngitis (video)

Find out causes & treatment for a hoarse voice and when you need to see...

When do I need a chest Xray if I have a cough? (video)

Find out the warning signs to watch out for if you have a cough.

Do decongestants help? (video)

Find out all about decongestants and when they can help relieve your symptoms...

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