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Information about eczema

learn the basics of causes, symptoms and treatments of eczema.

Information about eczema triggers and irritants

Find out what triggers flare-ups of eczema and how you can avoid them.

Information about eczema treatment

Learn about all the treatment options for eczema.

Information about steroid treatment for eczema

Find out about when and how steroid treatment works in eczema, including...

What causes eczema? (video)

Find out all about causes of eczema.

When do I need to see a doctor about eczema? (video)

Find out about the warning signs to look out for, which mean you need medical...

The best treatments for eczema (video)

Find out which treatments are recommended when if you or your child have...

Is eczema forever? (video)

Find out about how eczema tends to change over time and what your child...

All about eczema (video)

Find out about the causes, symptoms and treatments of eczema

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