Travel Health

Travel Health Information regarding immunisations and other preparations and precautions for foreign travel

Altitude Sickness

Find out when you might be at risk of altitude sickness, how to avoid it...

Do I need antimalarials? (video)

Find out when you might need antimalarials and where you can get them.

Health Advice for travelling abroad

Find out about precautions you can take to keep yourself healthy while...

Information about malaria

Find out about the symptoms and treatments of malaria.

Information about malaria prevention

Find out about medication and lifestyle precautions to avoid getting malaria.

Preventing DVT when you travel

Find out how you can cut your risk of a deep vein thrombosis (clot on the...

Preventing travel sickness

Find out how you can prevent and treat motion sickness when travelling

Reducing your risk of malaria (video)

Find out all the steps you need to take to cut your risk of getting malaria.

Travel Health Assessment Form

Complete this form for the Practice Nurse to assess which travel vaccinations...

Travel Immunisation

Find out general information on travel vaccinations you might need while...

Which travel immunisations do you need?

Use the interactive fitfortravel website to work out which travel vaccines...