1. Admin including medical reports & letters

    Request a GP letter, medical examination or report, or ask a general query.

  2. Chickenpox

    Need help with your or your child's chickenpox or have a related query?...

  3. Cough in children under 5 years

    Get advice or contact your doctor about cough, wheeze and breathing problems...

  4. Fit (sick) notes

    Request a fit (sick) note, view guidance or print self-certification for...

  5. Newham Directory of Services

    Directory of health and social care services in Newham

  1. Self-Referral to British Pregnancy Advisory Service

    Includes self-referral for abortion

  2. Self-Referral to Get Help to Stop Smoking

  3. Self-Referral to Maternity - Barts Hospital

    Information on self-referral to maternity care at Barts Hospital

  4. Self-Referral to Newham Talking Therapies

    Anxious? Feeling low? Stressed?

  5. Self-referral to Physiotherapy

    Physiotherapy Self-referral Form

  1. Self-Referral to Sexual Health Clinic

  2. Sickness, diarrhoea, bowel problems and stomach pain

    Get information and advice on vomiting, diarrhoea, tummy pain and problems...

  3. Toothache

    Need help with a toothache or have a related query? Get in touch here.

  4. Travel health information (seek advice at least 2 months before travel)

    Find out information on immunisations and other preparations and precautions...